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Tianjin: to fight black radio, pseudo base station

发布日期2015-02-02    作者

The so-called black radio means without the approval of the competent department concerned for approval for radio management departments at different levels of illegal radio station or television station. Pseudo base station as the name suggests is false base station, known as the center, it can get a certain radius range of phone card information, and to send information to the user's phone. Black radio and pseudo base station broadcast about the false advertisement will damage the interests of consumers, the vulgar content can corrupt social conduct, if there is a reactionary propaganda will shake the party's ruling foundation. At the same time, the illegal black radio set, pseudo base station emission of radio signals to normal radio broadcasting, communications and civil aviation flight safety such as serious threats. Tianjin radio management committee office in accordance with the law to crack down on the black radio and pseudo base station and protect the interests of the people.

Everybody is in accordance with the law only using radio frequency, the concept of legal set up radio stations, to ensure the orderly and harmonious order of the air waves, make a family in thousands of rich and colorful radio applications. Build green harmony of electromagnetic environment, cannot leave each of us.

And radio interference refers to in the process of radio communication, some electromagnetic energy through direct or indirect coupling into the receiving system, or channel errors result in the decrease of the quality of the received signal and useful information or missing, or even blocking the phenomenon of communication. Tianjin radio management committee office found that radio interference signal, via the radio monitoring technologies and investigate radio interference, in accordance with the law to protect the legitimate radio business.

As cars are on the road, all radio stations using radio frequency communication. If the car does not obey the traffic rules will be blocking traffic, traffic accident, if the radio without scientific management, will cause mutual interference, cause serious accident. In China follows the international under the premise of the radio regulations, issued a series of radio management laws, regulations and rules, the radio set, use have strict rules, any unit or individual cannot use radio station without fulfill relevant formalities.

Use of radio equipment cheating behavior refers to the use of radio equipment such as mini wireless headset and miniature radio equipment such as wireless video camera, through the examination room inside and outside communication behavior of cheating in the exam. At present, the use of radio equipment to cheat on the test case, test has been affected by the fair, destroyed the electromagnetic environment.

Tianjin radio management committee office actively cooperate with related departments use advanced means of radio monitoring, blow, the use of radio equipment for cheating on the exam was welcomed by the people.

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