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The first year of 2015, China's digital interphone change

发布日期2015-02-02    作者

     In 2009, in order to promote healthy development of the digital talkback industry, national WuWei "666", indicates the policy in 2015 to become China's first digital interphone change, digital radio will fully replace analog interphone. For industry, "revolution" is an imperative trend, but as the world's leading designed for enterprise and government customers provide mission-critical communication solutions and services provider, for the MOTOROLA system companies, "mode of revolution" truly open means a more in-depth understanding of user needs, to observe and analyze the market dynamic, deep channel management, accelerate product innovation thought the user to create greater business value.

Digital intercom communication trend is analysed, fusion is imminent

       From the point of the whole industry, the diversity of user requirements increasingly and intensification in driving the technology change over and over again. When major disasters occur, do each emergency communication support system connectivity is crucial, break the barriers between various communication network, system, and frequency, and eliminate "information island" problem is China's public security to be solved urgently. Some, such as health, public security, military, energy and manufacturing functions, in order to improve response speed and the efficiency of management, also need to be able to let the smooth smooth connection between emergency system at all levels, public and private network integration needs be vividly portrayed. To this end, the MOTOROLA system introduced a MOTOTRBO ™ Anywhere enterprise communication platform, realizes the seamless voice communication between digital intercom and smart phones, users only need through the simple application of Android or iOS smartphone can communicate with intercom user and group call.

Besides the fusion of public and private network demand, with the advent of data, to realize the combination of voice and data with walkie-talkies functional requirements increasingly, such as single, GPS and video calls, and other functions will help professional and commercial radio users significantly improve work efficiency, and in daily work, handling of cases and deliver real-time information quickly crisis event occurs, to accept a unified command and scheduling. And with the increase of frequency as well as the amount of data, the user is also growing demand for bandwidth, band fusion in a smart walkie-talkie radio terminal will become the future path of development.

Deep user requirements and digital interphone flowers

         In recent years, the professional intercom niche business in the field of digital talkback demand is also becoming increasingly urgent, for example, in the field of petroleum and petrochemical along the oil pipeline net is the user's universal demand, how to implement the wide area net, and at the same time of increasing the communication range security people, multiple sets of communication stability is a major challenge faced by the user; Small and medium-sized airport is also facing a wide range of communication, frequent communication and control tower, the apron, terminal location, group communication and coordination; And in vast terrain complex forestry region, average 2 g / 3 g signal may appear unable to completely cover lead to the phenomenon of no signal.

With growing demand, how to bring different users higher production efficiency and commercial value, how to use radio terminals, vehicle scheduling management system implementation and form a complete set of all sorts of voice and data functions according to user's requirements, as well as the entire wireless communication system network low cost of complete coverage of signal become the intercom manufacturer common pursuit of goals. IP connectivity to multiple relay station connected to each other, forming a coverage greater system and realize the cross spectrum, the Internet is particularly suited to the function communication area widely and railway industries such as forestry and shoot outside work in the field of radio and television. In addition, a single base station and base station cluster system can support various radio users in the same system efficient and clear voice and data communications, to establish a flexible communication team, for the user solve the problem of signal blind area, and connected to the different production workshop for unified management, is a small and medium-sized airport and port industries such as petroleum and petrochemical, wireless communication solutions to choose the best.

On the other hand, with the development of China's tourism market in recent years, hotel, restaurant, chain and logistics industry developing rapidly, and the matching is a radio users in the field of the industry, with the traditional radio professional users, commercial radio user demand for the appearance of intercom has a unique, compact appearance, convenient operation MOTOTRBO SL1M interphone is both the dual needs of business users; Commercial machine at the same time, the user is sensitive to the price is relatively, published this year MOTOROLA system for commercial users in the two digital interphone, XiR C1200 / C2660 series and Mag One A10D digital interphone fully consider the "mode of revolution" transition user cost problem, two walkie-talkie batteries, antennas and other accessories can be compatible with a generation simulation products, users utmost reduce the replacement cost. "Die revolutions" change to promote the digital radio performance improvement, also let business users to maximize the revenue. Single calling, group calling and full calling functions such as digital interphone significantly improved the efficiency of commercial users call scheduling management, and digital applications such as text messages are also different extent changed the way traditional scheduling command, communication between the team become more flexible and convenient.

Assigned to the partner, and win-win future together

The acceleration of "mode of revolution" to the intercom ecological industry chain has brought new opportunities and challenges, and fought with the manufacturers distributors also faced the transformation of the problem, how to utilize the existing experience of innovation, change, and in the red sea market segment is out of the blue ocean world they need to solve the problem. Adhering to the idea of growing together with partners, combining innovative channels to meet to plan for years, in the maintenance of existing partnership at the same time, continue to expand cooperation opportunities emerging fields, MOTOROLA system to find ways to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results through training, motivation, and benefit the end user.

In 2014, the MOTOTRBO solution on channel network training successfully held, MOTOROLA system technical experts for the end user is interested in the forefront of technology solutions, has carried on the detailed technical explanation. MOTOROLA system meet to plan, meanwhile, are also constantly adapt to the development of the market and change, a number of dealer training, encourage activities successfully held, in order to get continuous feedback from channel partners. In addition, the popularity of digital also brought more opportunities to application developers, MOTOROLA system developers conference held successfully, it is committed to set up and national technical experts and developers through communication platform, discusses trend of industry leading technology and experience.

    A new era of digital intercom is imminent, and to make professional users and business users to the transformation of the transition will be smoothly MOTOROLA system and its partners in the future one year important mission. Deep professional market, focus on niche business requirements, set up more diverse partner system is the key of the Numbers in the first year, believe that with the MOTOROLA system 28 years of experience in the Chinese market as well as the constant innovation of comprehensive digital intercom solutions, the future will be more to the critical moment of different sectors of digital intercom function on the market, and it will help the industry improve the communication efficiency.

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